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  • Is accommodation included in the entry fee?
    No, please book your accommodation directly via the site of Lenk Tourismus. However, please note that dinner is included in the entry fee!
  • Are trail running sticks allowed?

  • Is there a backpack plight?
    Yes at the Ultra is a backpack duty. In addition, a half-liter of water is a bar or gel, a windjacke, heat corner, multifunctional buff to standard equipment. During the tour a backpack is highly recommended for Friday and Saturday. No backpack is necessary for Sunday Tour.

  • When will the trail details be made public?
    From mid November 2017many details will be announced and from mid May 2018 the finalised trails will be made public.

  • In the event that my team partner has to give up, may I continue as single athlete?
    Yes, you may continue and you will be rated as Outcast in the team category. 

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