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Ambassador – Swiss Trail Tour


Swiss Trail Tour Ambassadors

Andrea Huser (Switzerland) – Trail Running Queen
The icon of the Swiss Trail Running scene will be present at the Premier Swiss Trail Tour event.  Andrea: “Finally, there is a trail race over several days in my region. I am eagerly and happily looking forward to it.”


Nina Brenn (Flims, Switzerland) – multiple Gigathlon & Inferno winner
Nina on Swiss Trail Tour: “The expense for multi-sports events is staggering. For trail running on the other hand, I only require a pair of shoes and a backpack! I am really looking forward to that!”


Stephan Hugenschmidt (Germany) – Winner Eiger Ultra Trail 2017
He know swiss terrain since his win in a record time at Eiger Ultra 100K. Stephan: “I take on the challenge and wondering how fast I can run over 3 Days”.


More ambassadors will be announced soon.

Are you a trail runner who likes to be active off-trail too … and not necessarily on social media only? Contact us at info@swisstrailtour.com and mention “Ambassador” in the subject line. We are looking forward to meet you!